Caterina Barbieri will release her third album, Spirit Exit, next month.

Spirit Exit is the Italian artist’s “time machine,” we’re told, in that it’s primarily composed with a modular synth rig that she thinks of more like a mechanical fortune teller.

Whereas her previous releases—including 2017’s Patterns of Consciousness and 2019’s Ecstatic Computation—were constructed on tour, capturing only snapshots of continually evolving works, Spirit Exit was written and recorded in her home studio amidst Milan’s pandemic lockdown in 2020.

During this extended isolation, Barbieri found inspiration from female philosophers, mystics, and poets, united in their strength at cultivating vast internal worlds. We’re told that St. Teresa D’Avila’s 16th century mystical text “The Interior Castle,” philosopher Rosi Braidotti’s theories, and the metaphysical poetry of Emily Dickinson act as “thematic anchors” across Spirit Exit.

Sonically, Spirit Exit crystallizes Barbieri’s densely layered synth arrangements while introducing strings and guitar, and her singing voice. It marks the first album on Barbieri’s new label, light-years.


01. At Your Gamut
02. Transfixed
03. Canticle of Cryo
04. Knot of Spirit (Synth Version)
05. Broken Melody
06. Life at Altitud
07. Terminal Clock
08. The Landscape Listens

Spirit Exit LP is scheduled for July 8 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “At Your Gamut,” “Broken Melody,” and “Terminal Clock” in full below and pre-order here.