Cavalier will release a new album on Alpha PupInnate.

Creating Innate was a process that spanned more than two years for the 20-year-old Long Beach artist. The album explores intrinsic human qualities and the inherent process of self-reflection on the search for identity.

Cavalier explains: “For me, this album is about revisiting your sense of innocence and childlike wonder before it’s mostly gone and trying to look forward in relation to what you learned returning to that headspace. I wanted to capture the feeling of looking around at the world for the first time again. Of course, when you look back at your past those experiences become abstracted, so I tried to represent that sonically as well as visually on the album. It’s kind of analogous to looking at yourself in the mirror and experiencing depersonalization. Self-reflection and looking inward with honesty play big roles in the project’s concepts.”

We’re told that Cavalier’s “ultra-precise sound design ignites the imagination.” Daring synths spring from a solid base of always-smooth and soulful R&B. Globular basslines bubble under needle-sharp drums. Earnest lyrics and soft piano add humanity to an otherworldly creation of cross-bred genres. Incongruent elements snap together and surprise.


01. Inward
02. Flesh
03. Bacteria
04. Synesthesia
05. Empathy
06. Mortal (feat. Jeff Bernat)
07. Warping
08. White Noise 백색소음 (feat. Crush [크러쉬] & EZRA)
09. Nothingness
10. Subconscious
11. Euphoria

Cavalier’s LP Innate will be released via Alpha Pup Records on April 6, 2018, with “Bacteria” streaming below.