CC:DISCO!, the Melbourne-born, Europe-based DJ, has announced the second instalment in her First Light compilation series, due out May 7 on Soothsayer.

Titled First Light Vol II, the compilation explores CC:DISCO!’s eclectic taste via 24 exclusive tracks that touch on house, jazz, Balearic, downtempo, disco, trance, and techno.

Pulling on decades of experience in radio, where she has worked since the age of 15, CC:DISCO! digs far and wide, offering up work from upcoming artists from Australia, Japan, Zambia, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, and Sweden, among others, in an effort to capture her “overall sound” and “bring artists together from around the world,” she explains.

The compilation was announced with the first two singles, Donald’s House & Lipelis‘ “VGF” (Dub) and Hidden Spheres‘ “Laamore,” both of which can be streamed in full below. Other artists featured on the compilation include Jenifa Mayanja, Cashminus, Hyrbid Man, and Perdu.

The first instalment of First Light landed in September 2018, featuring Sui Zhen, Roza Terenzi, Rings Around Saturn, and more.

Digital Tracklisting

01. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange “Everyday Blessing”
02. Donald’s House & Lipelis “VGF” (Dub)
03. Comfy Bella “Tell Meh”
04. Jenifa Mayanja “Dawning”
05. Steady Weather & Allysha Joy “Burning So Hot”
06. Cashminus “Paradise”
07. Moon Tan “Chinatown”
08. Mount Liberation Unlimited “Debagungar”
09. Transit State “System”
10. Manuel Darquart “Agave Harvest”
11. Munir “Waterpolo”
12. Tech Support  “Concorde”
13. Paul Jextra “Heatwav”
14. Club Tularosa “Pressure”
15. Perdu “Vague Behaviour”
16. Manami “A Dreamer’s Dream”
17. Regularfantasy “Life Is A Delight”
18. Mr. Ho “Next Phase”
19. Body Corp “In Motion”
20. Pépe “In Due Time”
21. Escape Artist “Under Illusion”
22. Hybrid Man “Phantom Signals”
23. Fitzzgerald “At The Moment”
24. Hidden Spheres “Laamore”

Vinyl Tracklisting

A1. Hybrid Man “Phantom Signals”
A2. Donald’s House & Lipelis “VGF” (Dub)
A3. Comfy Bella “Tell Meh”
B1. Jenifa Mayanja “Dawning” 
B2. Cashminus “Paradise”
B3. Mount Liberation Unlimited “Debagungar”
C1. Manuel Darquart “Agave Harvest”
C2. Tech Support “Concorde”
C3.  Paul Jextra “Heatwav”
D1. Club Tularosa “Pressure”
D2. Pépe “In Due Time”
D3. Hidden Spheres “Laamore”

First Light Vol II is out May 7 digitally and as a limited edition 12″ bundle via Soothsayer. It can be pre-ordered here.