Celebration is far from a typical 4AD outfit. Featuring members from post-punk projects Lovelife and Jaks, the Baltimore-based trio whips up a post-goth circle of organ-driven mayhem that far exceeds the members’ spazz-punk pasts. Now prepping its sophomore release, The Modern Tribe, Celebration may be poised to join the ranks of 4AD legends, one sonic freak-out at a time.

Produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek (who also introduced the band to 4AD), The Modern Tribe finds the trio at its most, well, modern. Vocalist Katrina Ford moves past the androgynous howling present in Lovelife’s tracks, while multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis keeps all limbs busy playing everything from the organ to guitar to bass. After spending the last few years touring with the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blood Brothers, and TV on the Radio, Celebration is poised to establish themselves as 4AD’s newest tribe.

The Modern Tribe is out in October on 4AD.

1. Evergreen
2. Pressure
3. Heartbreak
4. Pony
5. Fly The Fly
6. Tame The Savage
7. Hands Off My Gold
8. In This Land
9. Comets
10. Wild Cats
11. Our Hearts Don’t Change