Celer will release a new album on Norway’s Smalltown Supersound, titled Memory Repetitions.

Celer is now the solo project of Will Long (from 2005 to 2009 it was a collaboration with Danielle Baquet-Long (a.k.a Chubby Wolf)). Long, a Tokyo-resident, has produced prolifically across genres, monikers, and countries since 2006; aside from his ambient explorations at Celer, he’s contributed minimal house works under his given name to DJ Sprinkles’ Comatonse label and Smalltown Supersound. 

As Celer, Long has put forth over a hundred collections of ambient compositions, releasing on under-the-radar labels, his own Two Acorns label, and on his Bandcamp. This will be Celer’s debut on Smalltown Supersound. 

We’re told that Memory Repetitions serves to “reflect on the labyrinthine body of work that comprises Celer.” It spans five pieces, each roughly 30 minutes in length, and arrives as a five-CD box set alongside its digital format. 

Memory Repetitions is out November 9, with opening track “Tetra” streaming in full via the player below.