Joni Judén, better known as Celestial Trax, has shared details of his second full-length album, Serpent Power, scheduled for February 22 release via True Aether

The album was constructed at various locations in Finland over a 12-month period using synthesizers, tape machines, effect units, voice, electric, and acoustic guitar. Across 10 tracks, Judén weaves subtle yet complex worlds within worlds, conducting an “imaginary orchestra of earthly delights,” the label explains. “The intoxicating textures and strange dimensions are designed to cultivate the imagination away from screens: it is music for the journey inward, an ode to stillness. “

“I was drawn to the DNA of sound and how frequencies and textures interplay with each other, not to a preconceived model or style. I wanted this record to present itself more like paint on canvas, rather than an overly edited digital image,” Judén says. 

The album follows last year’s Nothing Is Real, out via Purple Tape Pedigree, which knocked on the door of the surreal and psychedelic, whereas Serpent Power “dives in and fully commits itself.”


01. Aura Cleansing

02. Underwater Garden

03. Sinking Through a Surface

04. Offline Offscreen

05. Way In is the Way Out

06. Suspend Midair

07. Peace

08. Healing (Garden Redux)

09. Blossoms in the Blue Sky

10. In the End We Ascend

Serpent Power will land on on February 22 on digital, cassette, and limited deluxe edition, which includes a handmade USB capsule made of Finnish juniper, birch, pine, spruce or aspen, hand-crafted by Jukka Judén in Heinola, Finland. Each deluxe edition package also includes a one-of-a-kind polaroid photograph taken by the artist. Meanwhile, you can stream “Underwater Garden” below.