Photo | Alex Tyson

Next on Leaving Records is an EP from Celia Hollander, formerly known as $3.33.

On Recent Futures, Hollander works with digital audio as a medium to intuitively form temporal experiences. Each of the EP’s six songs aspires towards a different type of temporal movement: a swing between the recent past and near future, an accelerating present, a juxtaposition between massive and microscopic durations, a flowing momentum, and a preserved stillness.

We can expect an “assemblage of field recordings drenched, sampled, tumbled, stretched, diced, dyed, layered, and reversed” to yield “a magical realism of audio.”

Hollander is an LA-based composer and artist working with audio, scores, performance, installation, and text. She has previously released a record on Leaving as $3.33 called DRAFT.

The release follows Carlos Niño & Friends on the Los Angeles label.


01. You Have 3 New Telepathic Messages
02. Santa Ana Wind Burn
03. Surround Sound Me
04. Big Talk / Small Talk
05. Spared Time
06. Vacant & Encouraging My Trophy Houseplant

Recent Futures EP is out March 6, with pre-order here. Meanwhile, you can stream “Spared Time” in full below.