Maelstrom, real name Joan-Mael Péneau, will release a new mini-LP on Central Processing Unit this coming February.

Alph4 will be the French producer’s debut on CPU, following releases on BNR Trax, Minimal Wave’s Cititrax, and various appearances on Zone Records.

We’re told to expect a seven-track “electro-leaning” release with a sound “comparable to Aphex Twin‘s more restrained Analord output.” All tracks feature “detailed production alongside an abundance of evocative synth melodies” to “ensure that they become firm favourites with forward thinking DJs and electronic music fans,” the label adds.


01/A1. Alph4
02/A2. Who Else Is Reading
03/A3. Letter From M
04/A4. Lost Echoes (Feat. Djedjotronic)
05/B1. Vznietit
06/B2. Dialectics
07/B3. Praxis

Alph4 will land on February 16.