Ryan Crosson (pictured above), one of the four founding members of Detroit’s Visionquest, has teamed up with Berlin-based producer Cesar Merveille of the Cadenza crew on an upcoming released for his label, one which will stand as Visionquest’s first ever full-length artist album. The nine-track record promises to deliver “dance music for intellectuals” in the form of “sonic essays” that explore the outskirts of jazz, funk, pop, and beyond. Although Visionquest won’t unleash DRM until November 19, you can check out its artwork and tracklist below.

01. Nymphean
02. Pending (Feat. Arthur Simonini & Kate Simko)
03. Again & Again (Feat. Greg Paulus)
04. No Hassle
05. DRM
06. At the Seams (Feat. Banana Lazuli & Arthur Simonini)
07. Orca
08. Escale
09. The Day You Left