The Eastern seaboard’s mad scientist of ambient techno, glitch, and B-more zeal—that’s Cex—has finally returned home to his old Tigerbeat6 haunt after a seven-year sabbatical of album releases for Automation, Jade Tree, and Temporary Residence. Dropping next month, Bataille Royale finds the Baltimoron reaching into the swarthy electronic murk of Autechre, Basic Channel, and Pan Sonic and emerging with an over-driven, tripped-out, mutant sound that fuses the raw elements of his past. Apparently, the folks over at Tigerbeat6 are already classifying Cex’s wacky mix as “freedom club.” The first eight tracks are also available on two limited 12″ from Cex’s own Must Finish record label, so good luck getting your hands on those.


01 Lazt gasp
02 Roland park acid
03 Pond & Hooper
04 991
05 The fifth one
06 Freq
07 1i
08 Brains out
09 Criticality