It’s been nearly a year since we got into the first album by Montreal’s R&B-loving Balearic tunesmith CFCF, and a couple months since his remix EP, Drifts, came out, so yeah, we’re ready for more from the soulful producer. And here it is: Mr. Michael Silver has a brand-new mixtape called Slow R&B For Zellers Locations Canada-Wide, and he’s giving it away for free. Zellers, for those who don’t know, is more or less the Canadian version of K-Mart, and this mixtape is meant as an homage to the music played in those stores throughout CFCF’s native land. As the press release puts it, “[Slow R&B] features department store-ready jams, sufficiently chopped and screwed. Synth stabs are funkier, snare drums are splashier, saxes are sexier, and crooners are sultrier. The end product could very well be the lovechild of Freddie Jackson and The Knife.” We’re totally into the concept, and if you are too, you can download the whole thing here.