Later this month, Chams will release Lettre d’Amort via Abîme.

The EP will be the debut release for the Paris-based label and is deeply personal release inspired by a solo journey Chams took across the French Alps a few years ago. The journey instilled in Chams a view that the Alps is a place of beauty and fear, and that nature should be admired from a wary distance. Since then, Chams has attempted to capture and translate this into his work, and Lettre d’Amort is the first released piece.

Musically, the EP is a tense-yet-beautiful collection of deconstructed beats that reference all manner of bass styles, grime, and more experimental pastures. Across the six tracks, bright, translucent melodies compete with dark undertones, creating a haunting bed of sonics.

Ahead of the release on September 28, you pre-order the EP here, with “Abimaibeau” streaming in full below.