Charles Lazare is a producer from Washington D.C. who will be dropping his debut album via xenonyms on October 13.

Titled Fascinating Climate, the album was birthed following a trip Lazare took to Reykjavik. The somewhat concept album looks to tell the story of climate and its role in our cultures and lifestyles. The tracks, like the climate itself, are deep and atmospheric cuts that are at times beautiful and delicate and others haunting and tense. The collection of diverse textures and emotions are a direct influence from Lazare’s time in Reykjavik, as he explains:

“Upon landing at the airport in Keflavik, I was immediately overwhelmed by ideas and emotions and I attribute this much in part to its weather and the integral role it plays in adding to a city’s character. I soon realized this was true of nearly everywhere I’d been, and that climate, in general, is somewhere within that grey space which constantly surrounds us yet is never really there. The same approach can be said of the songs on the album–often inviting the listener to completely disengage all surroundings altogether, while simultaneously provoking a sense of urgency and a want to backpedal to a time which now exists in that same grey space.”

Fascinating Climate drops on October 13 and in support of the album, Lazare and xenonyms have offered up “40 Days at Sea” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

40 Days at Sea