Here’s a sweet promo mix from Spanish DJ K**O (pronounced “kee-goh”)—who also collaborates with Delorean on party/blog Desparrame—for the upcoming Off-Sonar party. The event is put on by Plat du Jour, Kode9 and his Hyperdub crew, FACT magazine, and MixCloud, and features performances from acts Ikonika, Cooly G, Mwëslee, Guido, Darkstar, and Slick Dixxx (who has his own promo mix here), among other special surprise guests. The mix itself has only one track from an announced performer (Guido’s “Mad Sax”), and fills the rest of its half-hour with tracks from Swindle, Supra1, Geeneus, and exclusives by BFlecha and Noaipre. Check the Plat du Jour MixCloud page for more info.