Here’s a little something to help you play internet catch-up over the weekend. UK/Japanese-based brand/store/culture hub Oki-Ni has a pretty on-point mix series running on its website, which we just happened to stumble across. It’s described as “a platform for us to unleash our favourite acts onto your ears via monthly free podcasts,” going on to say, “Working with our favourite DJs, bands, and producers, the series aims to ‘venture off the dancefloor’—allowing the artists involved to produce unique and personal snapshots of their record collections.” The series has included acts like Bottin and The Very Best, a list to which veteran producer and one half of Two Lone Swordsmen Andrew Weatherall was recently added. Mr. Weatherall’s mix, which he dubbed Moon, includes a surprising array of artists, like Ben Frost, Zola Jesus, Bright Black Morning Light, Perfume Genius, Stars of the Lid, and many others. You can check out more info on the mix here, and stream/download Weatherall’s mixtape below.

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Stars of the Lid “Per Aspera Ad Astra”
Roedelius “Finale”
David Donohoe “Finespun & Fleeting”
Perfume Genius “Gay Angels”
Infinite Body “Drive Dreams Away”
Moebius and Beerbohm “Mini Motion”
Riechmann “Weltweit”
Ben Frost “Peter Venkman Pt II”
Mordant Music “Another Uncompleted Dome”
Zola Jesus “Trust Me”
Carlton Melton “Diggin In (F. F. Shite)”
Bright Black Morning Light “Another Reclamation”
Johanna Billing “This Is How We Walk on the Moon”