It’s not often that XLR8R posts up a mix from an artist that the vast majority of our readers have never heard of, but Visions, an all-dubs, 40-plus-minute excursion from Los Angeles producer Floyd Campbell, isn’t just another anonymous DJ session. Campbell is one of the newest additions to the Body High label, which is headed up by Samo Sound Boy and Jerome Potter of LOL Boys, and will soon be releasing an EP of his own on the rapidly rising young imprint. In the meantime, he’s purportedly sitting on a mountain of material, and if Visions is any indication, Campbell will be unleashing some ace tunes in the month to come. While it’s hard to neatly pin down his sound, the young artist seems particularly fond of sharp, angular synths, inventive drum patterns, and hard-hitting percussion. The music is rooted in house and techno, but weaves in elements of hip-hop and the UK bass continuum while also displaying an adventurous spirit all its own. There’s no word yet as to exactly when any of Campbell’s tracks will officially drop—as of now, Body High is saying “early Spring”—but it’s a safe bet that their eventual release date will be met will a great deal of anticipation. In the meantime, you can stream/download Visions below.

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