In anticipation for his set at bimonthly LA party Check Yo’ Ponytail tonight, New Jersey native Com Truise has let go of a funky, hour-long mix of classic, analog-heavy sounds. The esoteric journey features vintage tracks from the likes of one-time Rephlex affiliate DMX Krew, psychonautic musician Joel Vandroogenbroeck, and UK synthesizer specialist Paul Hardcastle. Supercharged with enough whizzing arpeggios, laser beams, and aged drum machines, Com Truise’s CYP2 Mixtape #2 should have no problem transporting you back a couple of decades. You can stream and download the whole thing for free in the player below. (via The FADER)

1. 26
2. Trevor Bastow, “L.A. Sunrise”
3. Dave Monolith, “Zunker”
4. DMX Krew, “When The Going Gets Weird”
5. S. May, “Tops on TV”
6. Joel Vandroogenbroeck, “Mexican Brass”
7. Howard Johnson, “Let This Dream Be Real”
8. Collage, “Romeo, Where’s Juliet”
9. Keith Mansfield, “Brain Damage”
10. R.E.M, “Computer Communication”
11. Dharma, “Plastic Doll”
12. Paul Hardcastle, “Central Park”
13. Phil Famous, “Macrochip”
14. Errol Reid, “Crosstalk”
15. One Way, “Don’t Stop”
16. Com Truise, “CT11-4 (Old Demo)”