It’s a common observation that Legowelt (a.k.a. Danny Wolfers) always seems to be doing something, whether it’s making records, experimenting with synths, touring the globe, or editing his own e-zine. Simply put, the Dutch producer never seems to take a break, yet all of his activity seemingly does nothing to lessen either the quality of or the interest in his work. Legowelt’s latest LP, Crystal Cult 2080, recently arrived via the Créme Organization label, and Wolfers has elected to commemorate the occasion by putting together a new mix for Resident Advisor. The podcast can be found here, and includes a brief interview with Legowelt, who says, “I don’t really consider myself a DJ,” and notes that the mix is “just a bunch of tracks that I like played in an orderly fashion, going up and down in intensity—with some added FX, samples and synths—providing, I hope, some pleasure, solace, and inspiration for the listener in their daily business and life.” The tracklist has been posted below; we recommend listening before Legowelt’s next endeavor pops up. Knowing him, the wait shouldn’t be too long.

Radioshack MG1 Moog improvisation
Mokra – Manipulation Musik
1991 – High Tension Low Life
Farah – Pieced Apart
Legowelt – Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi
Huerco S – Skug Commune
This Is Not America Disco Mix
Halu Mergia – Ambasel
Liz Tores – In The City
Cliff Lothar – To The Sea
Beat Detectives – Second Haitan Divorce
Laszlo Dancehall – Fatty Que
K-Alexi – Groove U
Osunlade – Dionne
Legowelt – Puzzles of Life
Aux 88 Techno Mix of Sharivari
Fanon Flowers – Winter in Kalamazoo
Andy Vaz – Over Here
Stakker Humanoid – Positive Electron
Delroy Edwards – Love Goes On & On
French Fries – Machine
Florian Kupfer – Reach Another System
Pal Joey – I Sing
Drexciya – Living On The Edge
Kassem Mosse – Workshop untitled
The Abstract Eye – Grandfather Fire
Radioshack MG1 Moog improvisation
Xosar – Cybertronika