Minimal techno forefather and Detroit alumni Robert Hood has teamed up with fellow DJ/producer veterans and Soma label co-founders Slam for the 26th installment of its weekly Slam Radio podcast. Slam Radio bills this mix as “very special,” as it includes unreleased and forthcoming tracks from Hood and his Floorplan alias. Hood will release a new Floorplan record, Paradise, in June via the M-Plant imprint, and will be playing Slam’s monthly party at The Arches in Glasgow tonight. Before all of that, the aforementioned hour-long, 28-track DJ set is available to stream and download below, where the full tracklist is also posted.

1. Contakt “Tesssera 04 (Robert Hood remix)” (Icee Hot)
2. Floorplan “Let’s Ride” (Unreleased / Forthcoming on debut Floorplan “Paradise” album out in June)
3. Mark Broom “Untitled” (Unknown)
4. Lee J Malcolm “Oh Yeah (Ben Sims remix)” (EPM Music)
5. Robert Hood “Eleven” (Unreleased)
6. Trolley Route “Neutron” (Chaval Records)
7. Floorplan “Change” (Unreleased / Forthcoming on debut Floorplan “Paradise” album out in June)
8. Ben Sims “Love n Hurt (Gary Beck remix)” (Theory)
9. Mark Broom “Untitled” (Unknown)
10. Robert Hood “Full Armour (Ready For War)” (Unreleased)
11. Ben Sims “New Blood (Robert Hood remix)” (Theory)
12. Robert Hood “Drive (Phase deep mix)” (Music Man)
13. Floorplan “Eclipse” (Unreleased / Forthcoming on debut Floorplan “Paradise” album out in June)
14. Robert Hood “The Family” (M-Plant)
15. Steve Rachmad “Tir Na Nog” (Rotation)
16. Robert Hood “Hologram 4” (Unreleased)
17. Tim Wolff “Backstage Fridge” (Dynamic Reflection)
18. James Ruskin “Work (Steve Rachmad remix)” (Blueprint)
19. Robert Hood “Alarm” (unreleased)
20. O/V/R “Post Traumatic Son (DVS1 Pessimist mix)” (Blueprint)
21. Lee J Malcolm “One Star Applicant (James Ruskin Rework)” (EPM Music)
22. Steve Silk Hurley “Jack Your Body (Hardfloor remix)” (Hardfloor The Label)
23. Robert Hood “Eleven” (Unreleased)
24. Ritzi Lee “Backdraft” (Theory)
25. Floorplan “Confess” (M-Plant)
26. Floorplan “Higher (Ben Sims remix)” (M-Plant) (Unreleased / forthcoming on M-Plant in 2013)
27. Clone – white label
28. Robert Hood “Hate Transmissions” (Music Man)