Michael Rathbun (a.k.a. Distal), although still young, has amassed quite the back catalogue including releases on labels such as Tectonic, Grizzly, and Fortified Audio. He also runs Embassy Recordings with fellow Atlantan Mite—who, evidently, shot and cut this short film—and at the end of last year, kicked off the highly conceptual Anarchostar label—to be home to a Space Opera series set 3000 years in the future. Distal’s album Retrograde Space Opera inaugurated Anarchostar, with Silkie’s latest album, Fractuals, up next in July.

The below short film delves into the mind of the Atlanta-based artist and his thought process surrounding Anarchostar, with Distal also describing his live setup and production processes. The film is a perfect introduction to the visionary artist and label for those unfamiliar, and a deeper look for those who are. You can check out the 10-minute short film in full below.