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All the way from Sweden comes this frantic video for the track “Lord of the Flies” off of Daniel Savio‘s newest LP, Nekropolis. The video, directed and edited by Lucien Garin, features a host of shapes, colors, some jagged dancing, and even Savio himself setting up some quirky-looking synths and modules on a ledge. Pretty heavy stuff. For those of you not familiar with the simple and silly sounds that shape the genre known as skweee, then you should check out last month’s XLR8R TVepisode in which we got the inside scoop on the genre from its most important players (including Daniel Savio). Savio’s newest LP is out now on the Losonfono label and features some amazingly destructive-looking album artwork, which you can check out below.

Daniel Savio – Nekropolis

XLR8R TV Episode 149 – In Space No One Can Hear You Skweee

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