A burgeoning talent prominently featured in our recent LA Story feature—which takes an in-depth look at Los Angeles’ resurgent house and techno underground—Sage Caswell has delivered a new mix made up entirely of original ambient compositions. Appearing as part of the White Light mix series, the 50-plus-minute set is a lush and dreamy excursion which incorporates a pair of collaborative works alongside Pilo and Floyd Campbell. “I think I just wanted to make something I could do nothing to,” Caswell explains of the songs included in the mix. “I take a lot of naps and just recently started listening to music while sleeping,” he continues, “I enjoy listening to these songs when I lay down or feel anxious.”

The Los Angeles artist’s full ambient mix can be heard using the player below, where the effort’s complete tracklist has also been included.

01 Sage Caswell – DM
02 Sage Caswell – Worry Lines
03 Sage Caswell & Pilo – Shut Eye (SC Eyes Shut Dub)
04 Sage Caswell – From Now On
05 Sage Caswell – The Falls
06 Sage Caswell – Major Internet Complexion
07 Sage Caswell – Ice Level / Song 4 My Dogs
08 Sage Caswell – Maybe A Joke Got Serious
09 Sage Caswell – Crushed
10 Sage Caswell – Free Country
11 Sage Caswell & Floyd Campbell – 31514726 (Step 2)