New York-based producer, DJ, and L.I.E.S. label owner Ron Morelli has created a “top 10” list for online pop culture publication Dazed Digital, which just happens to include a link to a sketchy Russian website where everyone can nab free downloads of a large portion of the L.I.E.S. catalog to date. Presented with the intro “Here are 10 things that exist,” Morelli’s list also shares a video for label affiliate Delroy Edwards, a link to former MLB outfielder Jose Canseco’s Twitter profile, and Hieroglyphic Being’s recent Boiler Room set, as well as a few rants about people liking techno and Berlin. Relating the Edwards video to aforementioned Russian forum Funkysouls, who compiled the footage used in the video, Morelli explains, “It would be naive to think that in this day and age one could run a label and not have their entire catalog uploaded to a Russian Torrent, especially when your label puts out ‘hip, exclusive, limited-edition, vinyl-only, mysterious, underground, anonymous, lo-fi, noise house records’. You can DL the entire L.I.E.S. catalog at the above link. Merry Christmas.” Read through the entire list here, but enter the forum at your own risk.