Last night, Netherlands-based expat Sheela Rahman (a.k.a. Xosar) and Dutch techno wizard Danny Wolfers (a.k.a. Legowelt) appeared on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space radio show, and their sets are now available to stream in full. Starting off the latest edition of the long-running WNYU show was Xosar, whose knack for enchanted house rhythms and haunting techno beats shone brightly during the course of her live session, which was then followed by a DJ set from Legowelt that appropriately mirrored the night’s vibe.

Both sets can be streamed in full below, along with a lengthy mix from Cómeme affiliate Christian S, who was brought in to close out the show. All three sets’ accompanying tracklists can also be found below.

Xosar (Live Set):
01 Forbidden Gaze
02 Moonwave
03 Cave Ritual
04 Shadows & Substance
05 World of Illusion
06 4D Rising
07 Dream Worship
08 Psychick Torrent
09 Xantra
10 Sands of Venom
11 The Possession
12 Watching Waiting Wanting
13 The Pit

14 J Velez – Airplanes
15 Roman Flügel – Iron Curtain
16 – –
17 Inner City – Back together Again
18 – Bad Cop Bad Cop
19 Actress – News
20 Xamiga – Cummulus
21 Starlox – Starlox Island
22 Xosar – Gone is Yesterday

Christian S:
23 Xano – Que Rico El Hmm (Cómeme)
24 Toto Colonia
25 Black Cock – Blue Love
26 – Casanova Brown (Glen Underground Edit)
27 Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache (Vinylmania)
28 Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid
29 Rick Wilhite – Dreams Of Yesterday
30 Erotic Illusions – – (DNH)
31 Working Class – Non Stop Trancin (Groove On)
32 Les Sun Rae – Revelation (Free Beats) (Minimal Records)
33 Christian S – Drifting (Cómeme)
34 Zombies From Miami – Las Cruces (Cómeme)
35 Carisma – Talento Matematico (Cómeme)
36 Anthony “Shake” Shakir – No. 3 (Gigolo)
37 Alejandro Paz – El House (Christian S Late Night Mix) (Cómeme)
38 Unknown – I Hate The Job (Disco Devil)