Resident Advisor and FACT have welcomed the new week with mixes from Rinse FM DJ duo Dusk & Blackdown and Norfolk’s Nathan Fake, respectively. Dusk & Blackdown, who also run the Keysound label, recently released the Dasaflex LP, but the pair’s mix reflects their work as radio hosts in an effort to “keep alive the rude and vital spirit of pirate vibes.” Dusk & Blackdown “both look forward to 2013 and back on 2012” to deliver some of the strongest tunes from its monthly Rinse program, stocking the tracklist with gritty songs from the likes of Cooly G, Walton, and Keysound alums like Gremino. On the other hand, Nathan Fake’s mix guns for smoothed-out garage, house, and techno, with cuts from artists like Actress, Boards of Canada, and Todd Edwards. Grab his offering and check out its tracklist below, and head over to Resident Advisor to cop Dusk & Blackdown’s podcast, here.

Pedrodollar – Hyperdemo
Wesley Matsell – Ynys Byr
Todd Edwards – Never Far From You
EQD – Equalized #111 03
Unknown – Unknown
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
Baby Ford – Normal (AFX remix)
Actress – Harrier ATTK
Planetary – Matter of Sound
The Widowmaker – Untitled
Boards of Canada – Numerator
Nathan fake – Iceni Strings (Bonus Dub #2)
Operator – Warriston (What Is It Good For)
Wesley Matsell – Foreverzone