New mixes from a trio of top names have surfaced online today, with the first coming from the John Peel-anointed “Baron of Techno,” Dave Clarke (pictured above). Clarke is a resident of Amsterdam these days, and is heavily involved with the fast-approaching Amsterdam Dance Event festival, so with impeccable timing, Resident Advisor has asked him to contribute the latest installment of the site’s long-running podcast series. Two of the best-loved artifacts from Clarke’s career are his 2001 and 2005 World Service mix CDs, each of which was divided into a techno disc and an electro disc. For his new podcast, RA has asked Clarke to turn in what would essentially be a 2014 update to World Service‘s revered electro discs. The result—which was recorded in one take on a boat in Amsterdam—is 90 minutes of growling electro that incorporates tracks by the likes of Anthony Rother, Commuter, Simulacra, and The Hacker. Clarke’s new mix is available to stream and download in full here.

In addition, a new FACT mix arrived today from Italian DJ/producer Matteo Ruzzon (a.k.a. Madteo). FACT compares the feel of the mix to Madteo’s own 2012 album, Noi No, a comparison that seems to ring true as Ruzzon’s set of creaky, distorted, and often completely submerged sounds gathers together cuts from L.A. Club Resource and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, as well as bits and pieces of Madteo’s own work. The full mix can be streamed and download below while a list of the artists and labels used in the session can be found here.


Finally, a recording from last night of the Teklife crew’s takeover of Hyperdub’s Rinse FM show has surfaced. DJ Spinn, Taso, DJ Earl, and DJ Taye had been in London the previous evening to play their Hydra club night with Hyperdub, and so stayed in town to turn in this stellar two-hour mix in Kode9’s regular slot on the station. The full Rinse FM session can be streamed and downloaded below.