New mixes from Border Community label head James Holden (pictured above), hardware aficionado Xosar, and Chicago experimenter Beau Wanzer have surfaced.

First, James Holden has delivered the thrity-plus-minute Synth and Drum Mix for
Dazed, a set the DJ/producer tells the site “isn’t about DJ stuff, it’s about what inspired my live show: the magical combination of SYNTH and DRUM,” going on to explain, “These are not the names of instruments, consider them elemental forces. ORDER and CHAOS.” Holden’s new mix can be streamed below, and its full tracklist can be found here.

Also appearing on Dazed, Xosar (who recently announced an upcoming EP for Valcrond Video) has turned in a recording of a live set/jam captured during a late-night/early-morning house party in Berlin. The hour-long session was said to have been “recorded live in a delirious state at 6:21 AM… in an apartment resembling a dungeon using one broken Electribe, (knobs held in place with paperclip, duct tape, and gum from the dollar store) perched gently atop an ironing board (draped in black velvet to disguise its homely nature).” Xosar’s full set from the party can be heard below.

Lastly, Chicago producer Beau Wanzer (who revealed details of a forthcoming LP earlier this week) has stepped up for the latest installment of Juno Plus‘ ongoing podcast series. Described by the site as “an hour of obscure wave and primitive electronics,” Wanzer’s full mix can be streamed and downloaded below; no tracklist for the set has been shared at this time.