London experimentalist and recent Warp signee patten recently released his first EP for the label, and has just today followed it up with a dizzying mix. In addition, Brooklyn-based producer Ital (pictured above) dropped a reflective, techno-heavy DJ set today.

“A mix of 45 minutes was requested, so the piece is comprised of 45 unaltered minute-long sections of music, one after the other, connected by various logics,” patten says of his podcast for Dummy. On the other hand, Ital’s naturally unfolding set for Juno Plus—featuring the likes of Sandwell District, DJ Sprinkles, Robert Hood, Drexciya, and the mixmaster himself—is composed of “tracks ‘consuming’ each other,” according to the artist, which draws him in more than “raw and quick dirty cuts.” Both patten’s and Ital’s mixes can be streamed and downloaded below; tracklists and interviews with both artists can be found here and here, respectively.