Earlier today, possibly in attempts to release new music before the apocalypse, or, more likely, just to treat their fans for the holidays, Brooklyn’s Laurel Halo, Manchester’s Lone, and London’s Blanck Mass all uploaded new tracks to their respective SoundCloud pages. Lone dropped the atmospheric “Ghost Channel,” which, according to Pitchfork, appeared on the producer’s Twitter exactly a year after he finished it. Dummy points us to where Laurel Halo actually uploaded two tracks, one of which is presented under her King Felix moniker and the other of which is the “Micron Heavy Live Rework” of her new single “Sunlight on the Faded”. Though filed under different aliases, both tunes are similarly hectic and hyper jams that may speak to your frantic anxieties about today’s myths of impending doom. Last but not least, Blanck Mass (pictured above) gave away the aptly titled “Hellion Earth,” which is a surprisingly upbeat, electro-touched jam dominated by trancey synths and bright arpeggiations. The tune is available for a limited time only, and can be found with the rest of the aforementioned music, below.