Now, here’s a pleasant surprise: St. Louis’ Phaseone—a music maker who follows in the ways of bass—made XLR8R a great mix of low-end-centric tunes, and we didn’t even ask for it! Obviously, the producer (born Andrew Jernigan) is a nice guy who makes pretty solid tracks (you can download one of those here), but apparently, he knows his way around a couple of turntables, too. Phaseone’s 43-minute DJ set juggles the bass frequencies and dancefloor rhythms of his own jams, along with songs from the likes of Basic Channel and Digital Mystikz, and toys with elements of dubstep, footwork, screwed hip-hop, and beyond. You can stream or download Jernigan’s mixtape here, and check out the tracklist below.

Cocteau Twins – Lazy Calm [4AD]
Phaseone – All To Herself [Dub]
Phaseone – Desperate Housewives [Dub]
Phaseone – True Romance [Dub]
Basic Channel – Radiance III [Basic Channel]
Phaseone – Zen [Dub]
Phaseone – Being With You [Forthcoming Way Slow]
Phaseone – Above The Rim [Dub]
Phaseone – Right & Wrong [Forthcoming Way Slow]
Phaseone – Richard Dreyfuss [Dub]
Twista – Who Am I? [Blackground]
Digital Mystikz – Pop Pop Epic (Phaseone Remix) [Dub]
Phaseone – Hands [Dub]
Phaseone – Get Rich Quick [Dub]
Phaseone – Airmax [Dub]
Bjork – Hidden Place (Phaseone Remix) [Dub]
Phaseone – Stealing To Feed Your Family (Excerpt) [Dub]