When he’s not inciting internet drama and ‘to mix or not to mix’ debates, as he did so effortlessly on his recent podcast for us, Colorado DJ/producer Pictureplane likes to spend his time tearing our dimension to shreds in a variety of different ways. As the mixmaster also known as Travis Edegy put it on his blog, “I have been conducting magical social experiments under the guise of ‘dimensional rip,’ as a way of altering the reality of both myself and the world (universe) at large, attempting to tear open and manipulate the fabric of reality, basically.” So, his latest rip comes to us in the form of a mixtape, featuring 11 obscure happy hardcore and jungle tunes slowed down to the artist’s liking. And judging by the usual tempo of those genres compared to the general pace of his 40-plus-minute mix, Edegy tweaked these old-school rave jams to a considerable degree. You can download Pictureplane’s Happy Slowcore Mixhere, and check out the full tracklist below. We even included some of the original versions down there—you know, for fun.

1. Dyewitness “Masterplan”
2. Nature One “Sense of Live (Video Mix)”
3. Para-Dizer “Song of Liberation (Exit EEE Remix)”
4. Brothers in Crime “Forever”
5. DJ Hixxy and Bananaman “Together Forever”
6. Star Wash “Strong Like a Lion”
7. Mystical Units “Positively Evil”
8. Atomik “Battle of the Sattelites”
9. Industrial “Renegade”
10. DJ DR J “Rock Me Journey”
11. Definition of Sound “What Are You Under”

Nature One “Sense of Live (Video Mix)”

Star Wash “Strong Like a Lion”

Definition of Sound “What Are You Under”