Today, Florida-based electronic music act Colours has released its debut LP, Ivory, on Chicago’s Victory Records.

The duo—featuring Kyle Tamo on vocals and Morgan Alley on drums—wrote the songs for Ivory over a 14-month period, following up their self-released EP called Skin and Bones.

“Having only two members in Colours offers us a unique and advantageous opportunity when creating,” divulges Tamo. “When too many people are working on a creative project, often personal preferences and risk have to be diluted for compromise. Our personal experience finds the most resonating growth comes with internal resolution, and we hope to offer our music as the catalyst to that.”

Out now, all copies of the vinyl come with an instant download of all 11 tracks off the album—a bundle featuring the limited-edition vinyl, tour poster, digital download, and your choice of two tour t-shirts is also available. You can purchase the album by visiting the Victory Records website, with the video for the single “Monster” available to watch in the player below.