Following on from Chevel’s recent LP Blurse, Stroboscopic Artefacts (run by fellow Italian Lucy) will release a remix package of tracks lifted from the album.

Dario Tronchin (a.k.a. Chevel) has released on the likes of Non Series, and his own labels Enklav. and Monday Night Records. His most recent output, Blurse (which took a route into more abstract sounds and experimentalism), has now had a handful of cuts from it remixed. The EP begins with Paula Temple’s version of “Stranded” on the A-side, followed by Lee Gamble’s revamp of “Watery Drumming.” On the B-side “Heimweh” is remixed by Perc, and things are rounded off with Minor Science’s take on “Loop #42,” completing a package brimming with variety.

You can pre-order the EP at the Stroboscopic Artefacts site. We spoke to Chevel himself ahead of the December 4 release, with snippets of the original album streamable below. 

So this was your debut full length on Stroboscopic Artefacts—what led you to arrive at this sound, which is so different to your other releases? It seems like there is more of a story behind Blurse—can you explain it to us?
I am not sure, but I guess it depends on the different lifestyle I have been living for the past couple of years, which is basically the timeframe it took me to work on the album Blurse. I saw myself changing quite a bit—I was living alone in a new flat where I recorded the album, and I started seeing my music as something others actually consider, listen to, or familiarize with, whereas at the beginning I was doing it just for myself. I also moved on from playing in a completely dead wine bar in my hometown, to performing live or DJing in front of thousands of people. I started to put more effort in my work. Moreover, I’ve begun to feel a bit bored of house and techno sounds, which is what my roots are in.

After releasing Stroboscopic Artefacts first Monad series back in 2010, how did you maintain your relationship with Lucy, and how did Blurse find a home on the label?
Lucy is a long time friend, first of all. We both moved to Berlin in 2008 and spent loads of time together then. I learnt a lot from him, no doubt — simple as that. We are often in touch, and when I have something finished, he’s one of the first people who gets to listens to it. I think this album perfectly fitted the label in terms of the feeling of creative freedom, and with the final product design too.

Do you think the four tracks chosen for remixing make a good representation of the album?
I suggested Lee Gamble (who is one of my all time musical heroes) as well as Minor Science to the label when they told me they wanted a remix edition. When Paula Temple and Perc were added to the list I was delighted. I think the remix EP is a must have, and explores completely different angles of the current electronic music available out there. It’s so eclectic!