mindswimmer have released their debut album, titled the future jazz sounds of mindswimmer

mindswimmer is a large improvised Chicago-based future jazz quintet with a sound that floats between genres seamlessly. 

the future jazz sounds of mindswimmer is the group’s debut full-length album and arrives on the heels of “elevation,” a most recent single that caught the band some buzz for its scope and ambition. It was also the first release from the band to feature all five members. 

This debut album took over eight months to make, starting with a jam session on a fall afternoon in October. It was mastered by Kelly Hibbert of almachrome (J. Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus) who, upon hearing the recordings sent to him, marvelled that this music was largely improvised. 


01. when a clock turns time 03:43

02. amethyst 14:30

03. chicago to damascus 18:03

04. the chills 01:46

05. water is clear, pt. 3 04:34

06. interlude 01:48

07. nephology 10:09

08. spending time 07:32

09. night bizarre 09:26

the future jazz sounds of mindswimmer is available now, with more information on the band in our feature interview here. Meanwhile, you can stream the entire album below.