mindswimmer have released a new single called “Elevation,” discussing the struggles and beauty of love and life via hip-hop, jazz, and spoken word.

mindswimmer is a Chicago-based future jazz quintet with a sound that is not easy to classify. On last year’s Between Spaces album, the group crafted an ambient tribute to a former collaborator. The Dinner Party then channelled a more trip-hop aesthetic, hinting at where their sound was headed.

“Elevation”, their latest single, is a 13-minute track that sees the band explore multiple genres of music. The expansive work reveals the influence of the golden age of hip-hop, while simultaneously paying tribute to the pioneering electronic artists of Düsseldorf (Kraftwerk, Neu!). It’s out now on Stellar Nursery Records, itself founded by three members of mindswimmer. Meanwhile, you can stream it in full above.