Chicago future jazz quintet mindswimmer have dropped Land of Upright Peoples, the second of a planned 12 releases to land this year. 

Land of Upright Peoples is a play on the meaning of Burkina Faso, the powerful name chosen by former president Thomas Sankara to unify the country’s diverse population under a shared character trait: honesty. For mindswimmer, they seek to imbue that same inclusive energy into music culture. 

The release sees them continue to explore their improvisatory spirit, blending jazz, house, afrobeat, hip-hop, and krautrock. They’re joined by Chicago MC Thaione Davis and Shev Rock. 

Earlier this year, mindswimmer released Everytime I Eat My Dreams, and last year released their debut album. 

For more information on mindswimmer, read our feature here


01. tweaking symbolic gestures

02. omnipotent (wee ah wuhn)

03. guts, glory, mojo (dojo) 

04. don’t bring me down

05. jammin’ on the won 

Land of Upright Peoples is available now, with order here.