Chicago’s Damon Locks has revealed new single “The Colors That You Bring” from his forthcoming project, Where Future Unfolds

What began as a solo sound collage piece with Locks sampling Civil Rights era speeches to create an improvisational pallet for performance on his drum machine eventually expanded into the fully-fledged 15-piece “Black Monument Ensemble” featuring musicians (including Angel Bat Dawid on clarinets and Dana Hall on drums), singers (alumni of the Chicago Children’s Choir), and dancers (members of Chicago youth dance company Move Me Soul.) Locks contributed the album cover art and wrote all lyrics and compositions. 

The release is described as “an excursion through political activism and astral jazz,” recorded live at Garfield Park Conservatory as part of Red Bull Music Festival, Chicago, on November 15, 2018. It lands digitally on May 31 with Chicago-based recording company International Anthem, with CD and vinyl pressings hitting record stores on June 14. 


01. Statement of Intent / Black Monument Theme 

02. Sounds Like Now

03. Solar Power

04. Rebuild A Nation

05. Which I Believe It Will

06. Which I Believe I Am

07. The Colors That You Bring 

08. The Future?

09. Power

10. From A Spark To A Fire

Where Future Unfolds LP lands digitally on May 31 with International Anthem, with pre-order and a stream of opener “Statement of Intent / Black Monument Theme” and “The Colors That You Bring” here