DJ, designer and, enterprising A&R man Chicken George has compiled a new volume of his The Swed.u.s.h Connection series, with volume two focusing on a variety of U.S. producers and music styles that should cause a stir in the downtempo and jazz club scene. George compiled a previous volume featuring tracks by Take and Hydroponic Soundsystem for the Swedish Brandy label, home to Freddie Cruger and Southside Break Crew (a.k.a. Raw Fusion’s Beatfanatic).

George is introducing his own new musical term for volume two. He calls the hybrid “jazztronica,” which is a mix of downtempo, hip-hop, soul, funk, dub, Afrobeat, and house combined to make a spicy musical gumbo. Featured on volume two of the comp are Philadelphia’s Illvibe Collective, comprised of Statik, Panek, Phillee Blunt, Lil Dave, and Skipmode. The track “What They Say” features renowned Philly songstress Lady Alma.

The EP’s other tracks come courtesy of an experienced bunch, namely Martín Perna’s (founder of Antibalas and longtime TV on the Radio collaborator) potent Afrobeat funk combo Ocote Soul Sounds, Dallas hip-hoper Nick Nack, and San Francisco’s J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science project. Leaving no groove style or stone unturned, Chicken George delivers a varied EP that sheds light on America’s vibrant and too-often overlooked jazztronica underground.