At the end of this month, on November 29, NY/LA-based production outfit Banana Clipz will release a free, self-titled EP in conjunction with Ghetto Bassquake and Bersa Discos. The DJ/producers of Banana Clipz, Oro11 (above, second from right) and Chief Boima (above, far left), formulated the project over the past three years, initially while both men resided in Oakland but continuing after Oro11 packed up and headed south for Los Angeles. Now that Boima has also bid adieu to the West Coast, the EP is essentially a snapshot of a particular time in the duo’s lives, but that certainly doesn’t detract from the quality of the music. The tracks won’t be released for another two weeks, but Chief Boima has prepared something to tide you over in the meantime: a free mix of bass-laden, tropically infused dance music, all of which is featured on the forthcoming Banana Clipz EP. The Banana Clipz Preview Mega-Mini Mix was posted today on the Ghetto Bassquake blog, where Boima wrote, “I’ve been waiting to do this style of mix for years. The influence from all those dancehall mixes I absorbed as a youth have been smashed into this eight-minute laser extravaganza. I know that I am probably just as guilty of this as the next person, but I beg you: After downloading this mix, pleeease do not listen on your laptop. Wait until you can experience these tunes on proper speakers with some sort of bass. This music is meant for that.” We wholeheartedly second that emotion, and please keep it in mind when you head over to download Banana Clipz’s free mix here.