The energetic Chicagoan producer and former XLR8Rpodcast contributor Chrissy Murderbot has revealed plans to release a new EP of raunchy “booty anthems,” entitled I’m a Asshole. If the somewhat outlandish and—may we add—grammatically incorrect title wasn’t enough of an indication of the record’s unprecedented crassness, then the tracklist, which features such poetic titles as “I Nutted in You” and “The Call of Booty,” should make it pretty clear. Unfortunately, there’s no audio available to share yet, but if you’re thinking along the lines of hook-laden juke/grime/booty bass hybrids, you’re definitely on the right track. The artwork and tracklist for I’m a Asshole, which will be released via the Loose Squares imprint on October 4, can be found below.

01 I’m a Asshole
02 I Nutted in You
03 Pop That Shit
04 The Call of Booty
05 Girl
06 Back That Thang Up