Christian Löffler is set to release Mare, his second studio album, this coming October.

Mare follows in a similar vein to his self-released debut, 2012’s A Forest. However, while his first album was heavily sample-based, Mare is much more organic; almost each sound and every instrument is self-recorded. Among the instruments used were an old marimba, a mandolin zither, some self-modified synthesizers, and various other sound tools accumulated from his travels.

The album was recorded on the Darss peninsular, overlooking the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, in a log cabin, nestled among the jungle-like overgrowth of surrounding birch and willow trees. Many of the album’s ideas are based on field-recordings taken from these surroundings.

On top of this, several microphones were set up in the room and left to run on for whole sessions. The microphones collected everything, from tapping, singing, playing, footsteps, as well as percussive elements added on the fly such as bottles, sticks, a set of keys, or basically anything that was lying around. Sometimes he would open the sliding patio doors, where sounds from outside would blend into the mix.

The releases contains are also four tracks that feature the vocals of previous collaborator Mohna (“Haul,” “Mare,” “Vind,” “Wilderness”). In addition to this, it’s the first time that Löffler himself sings on a record (“Lid,” “Pacific,” “Nil”).

Christian Löffler:

“The meaning was not intended to be essentially different to A Forest but where the first album sometimes still felt to just be on the surface of what I can say with this project, it now feels like that I’ve come closer to the core of what I want to express.”


1. Myiami
2. Haul
3. Mosaics
4. Neo
5. Youth
6. Lid
7. Mare
8. Athlete
9. Vind
10. Silk
11. Nil
12. Swim
13. Krone
14. Pacific
15. Pigment
16. Wilderness
17. The Great White Open

Mare is scheduled for October 7 release via Ki Records; “Wilderness,” track 16 from the 17-track release, can be streamed in full below.