Photo: Brian Zajak

Christian Löffler has announced the release of his new LP, Graal (Prologue), out April 5 on Ki-Records. To accompany the announcement, he’s shared the lead single, “Like Water” (feat Mohna). 

Created on the road—Löffler likens it to a travel diary—Graal (Prologue) oscillates between melancholic ambient minimal, euphoric neo-classical techno, and downtempo psychedelic, and is a reflection of the German artist’s frustration of not having the mental space at the time to create music, solely focusing on visual art instead—painting, drawing. Therefore, we’re told that the music unfolds like a painting. Drawing from his art gave him the freedom to create without restraints, and to “turn off my brain a bit, especially thoughts about what is possible or not,” he explains. 

The release follows two well-received LPs, Mare and A Forest, both on Ki-Records. It also serves as a prelude to a second companion album to be released before the end of the year. With two distinctive parts and approaches, both records will have an organic dichotomy—while Graal was created on the road, the follow up is a classic studio album, created in his home recording space and it will come illustrated with paintings. The record is named after the town he calls home—a windswept yet picturesque German outpost on the Baltic coast—and the rugged beauty and wonder of the area’s famed landscapes shines through the whole record. It comes illustrated with a series of Löffler’s hand drawn sketches, stark, monochromatic line drawings of people and places.

We’re told that “Like Water” was created while sound checking at the Elbphilharmonie. Mohna (the vocalist) was improvising and singing different melodies while playing piano. “We played this track often with the ensemble, but never recorded it. The finished piece has completely changed from its initial acoustic version,” says Löffler. 


01. Ry

02. Running (feat Josephine Philip)

03. Bird

04. Like Water (feat Mohna)

05. Refu

06. Graal

Graal (Prologue) lands April 5, with a teaser below and “Like Water” (feat Mohna) streaming here