Next month, Christopher Ledger will kick off his CL Series imprint with a collaboration with Luigi Ranghino, a regular collaborator of Max Loderbauer, Ambiq, and Ricardo Villalobos.

The label’s first outing, Cielo Intonato, which also features a remix from Ion Ludwig, finds Ledger drawing on his work as a painter and visual artist, as well as the ambient and experimental music world. In essence, the CL Series looks to examine the mutual interaction between two complementary artistic practices, where each influence the other simultaneously during the creative process.

You can stream the EP’s stunning opening cut below, along with some questions with Ledger.

How was 2017 for you?

2017 was a very nice year, I’ve joined the GOA Club family in Rome as resident for their parties, played a lot of great shows abroad, and spent most of my time painting, drawing and making music.

Can you explain CL Series?

CL Series is new multidisciplinary platform that I created to examine the simultaneous interaction between music and visual art. The releases will come as the result of a synaesthetic process between these two artistic practices.

Although CL Series is departure from your more known dancefloor sounds, is there a plan to present this project live?

At the moment, all I can say is that I’m planning live performances both solo as well as with the ensemble. These performances will come in addition to my DJ sets. And of course, I won’t be stepping away from the dancefloor…CL Series offers me an additional, independent platform to give voice to a wider variety of my artistic interests and outputs.

What can we expect from CL Series in the future?

What’s so exciting about this project is that there are many different directions we can go. I’m particularly excited about the concept I’m working on for future CL Series events, to be held in atypical spaces which will immerse the audience in multi sensory artwork.