Hailing from Italy and based in Berlin, Christopher Rau and Marieu have combined forces as Colours Of Observation and are set to release their debut EP Sidewalk Romeos via Out Electronic Records on September 28.

The union of Smallville native Christopher Rau and hardware enthusiast Marieu—who makes up one half of the duo The Analogue Cops—has resulted in a crisp combination of deep house and techno that draws much of its influence from the old school. The EP is a bundle of bare boned and unrelenting grooves that are lively and determined from start to finish. This will be the sixteenth release for Berlin-based label Out Electronic Recordings who can certainly take pride in its ability to craft quality underground dance music.

Colours Of Observation’s four track EP, Sidewalk Romeos, can be streamed below and you can check out more from Out Electronic Records by going to its website here.

A1. C Grip Aux
A2. Sidewalk Romeos
B1. General Fail
B2. Virginatlantic