San Francisco-based guitarist and ambient composer Christopher Willits will return to the Ghostly label with Opening, a seven-track album and a seven-part film set to drop this fall. “For years, I’ve imagined the work I do in music, photography, video/film, immersive audio, and meditation all coming into one space,” Willits explains of the roots of his upcoming audio-visual project in a press release. Comprised of footage captured over four years of traveling around California, Hawaii, Japan, and Thailand, a 45-minutes of imagery will be paired with “widescreen ambient music” to result in the Opening film. “There are no actors or dialogue in this film,” Willits further explains, “The audience and their perception is the main character, and everyone’s imagination is going to create some meaning that’s relevant to their own experience. My intention is to create a space where people can open up and expand into, relax, and recharge.”

Officially set to land on September 2, a trailer for Willits upcoming visual album can be watched below, where the artwork and complete tracklist for Opening can also be found. Furthermore, the release of Opening will also coincide with the launch of Willits’ own music delivery subscription service via; more details on that can be found here.

01 Vision
02 Clear
03 Ground
04 Now
05 Connect
06 Wide
07 Release