Opening, the forthcoming ambitious visual album from Christopher Willits, is set to arrive via Ghostly in September. Ahead of its release, the California-based electronic musician has now shared the full video and audio for “Clear,” the angelic first track to surface from the upcoming effort. Appearing early on in Opening, “Clear” spends its first 120 seconds building an intoxicating atmosphere of rich ambient textures, clean sub-bass, and far-off melodies, which come accompanied by tranquil images of sun reflecting off of a series of delicate waves. As Willits’ composition begins to pick up, its sparse drums and occasional guitar lines are met by a number of peaceful images—picturesque cliffs and sunburnt horizons are overlaid atop a single female silhouette and, eventually, a rocky shoreline.

The first full audio and video piece from Opening is premiering below, with Willits full visual album for Ghostly set to drop on September 2.