Cinthie will release her debut album, Skylines—City Lights, on Aus Music in June.

Skylines—City Lights is the culmination of Cinthie’s career, which spans more than two decades. It pays tribute to all the things that have inspired her over the years, from Chicago house to New York garage and European rave.

Across the album, Cinthie also explores new territories, experimenting with a downtempo aesthetic on opening track “Skylines,” textural electronica on “Flashback,” and acid house nostalgia on “Calling” and “Horizon.”

Cinthie, real name, Cinthie Christl, has grown to become one of Europe’s most respected purveyors of house music, both as a DJ and producer. Her work is scattered across Aus and Beste Modus, a label she co-founded and now encompasses sub-labels Unison Wax, Beste Freunde, and Cinthie’s own Crystal Grooves.

You can read more about Cinthie in her XLR8R feature here.


01. Skylines
02. Houze Muzik
03. Concentrate
04. 2k Garage
05. Horizon
06. Calling feat. Gill
07. Flashback
08. Citylights
09. Morning In Melbourne
10. Bassline feat. Gill
11. No One Can Take You From Me
12. 803 The Meme Queen

Skylines—City Lights LP is out digitally and on vinyl on June 15. Meanwhile, you can stream “Bassline” below.