The latest offering from SF-based imprint Secret Studio will arrive courtesy of Circling Vultures, a project fronted by Chicago natives Justin Long (Hugo Ball), and Ken Zawacki (Dar Embarks).

Circling Vultures’ sound is rooted in the hedonistic Midwestern rave scene of the ’90s, formed over a long history traversing the hedonistic spaces of that time—it’s a hardware-driven sound with a DIY punk ethos.

The duo’s forthcoming record—which follows up co-productions from D’Marc Cantu, D-Wynn, and Honey Soundsystem’s Jason Kendig, as well as an EP by Josh Elle—presents that sound in perfect chaos with three acid-drenched tracks of varied intensity. The EP will be released on vinyl, limited to 300 copies, all of which receive an instant digital download on purchase.

SCS06 will drop early October via Secret Studios. You can pre-order the record via the label’s Bandcamp, with snippets of all three tracks streaming below.