Credit: Frederike-Wetzels

Next on City Slang is a new album from COMA, the collaborative project of Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat.

Conrad and Bubat may have their roots firmly in Cologne’s fabled club scene, but their effervescent, groove-tipped synth-pop blurs boundaries and strays outside the lines.

After releasing a steady stream of records that includes their 2013 album debut, In Technicolor, and 2015’s This Side of Paradise, both on Kompakt, Bubat and Conrad experienced a transformative time marked by a series of tragedies and milestones, including the loss of a parent and the birth of a child. For Conrad, getting back in the studio proved a potent form of therapy: “Making music is a kind of escapism, it puts you in a different world where you forget everything around you,” he says.

Voyage Voyage tells the story of these complicated times, “capturing life’s fleeting moments, moods, and adventures,” the label explains. Across 10 tracks, the pair meld piano, guitar, drums, synths, and electronic flourishes with futuristic vocal harmonies. We’re told that they’ve also upped their instrument game since their previous release, adding new synths, a Fender Mustang Bass, and a vintage drum kit to their arsenal, all of which “anchor Voyage Voyage in an analog-meets-digital universe informed by the haunted memories of their ‘90s childhoods.”

Voyage Voyage LP is out November 22, with “A Train” streaming below, and pre-order here.

Editor Note: A tracklisting will be added when it’s made available.