We might not have been head over heels for the latest long-player to be issued by Berlin-based IDM stalwart Clark, but we’re nonetheless interested to hear what the restless producer delivers on his follow-up EP, Fantasm Planes. The six-track record is scheduled to drop on September 4, and is purportedly a “counterpart” to Iradelphic, as it features new variations on three of that album’s tracks and three brand-new productions. Clark also says of Fantasm Planes, “This EP is more about conjuring the full mind-distortion that you get when you hear this music on loud soundsystems… Refocusing the album into the context of metric rave gear.” You can listen to the title track from Clark’s upcoming EP and check out its tracklist, below.

1. Fantasm Planes
2. Henderson Swooping
3. Com Re-Touch / Pocket for Jack
4. Brigitte
5. Secret Slow Show
6. Dove In Flames